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According to Hoyle

Edmond Hoyle has been credited with formulating the rules to many popular games, but actually Hoyle wrote only two books on card playing.

Furthermore, Hoyle never heard of most of the games for which he is supposed to have formulated the rules.

Among them is poker, which was not invented until almost 100 years after Hoyle’s death.

An adult flatfish—a large group of fish that includes the flounder, halibut, and sole—has both eyes on the same side of its head.

What a world we live in! Howard Cosell broadcasts an amateur boxing match in Havana, Cuba, which is about 90 miles away from Florida.

But the broadcast is sent via satellite some 93,000 miles around the world, and this method of transmission winds up more expeditious than sending the impulses directly from Cuba to the United States.

The route taken is to the Russian satellite, Molniya, and from thence to West Germany, and still on to an American satellite which propels the impulses to the American continent.

In her lifetime, one termite queen can produce over 500 million children. It makes sense since the queen can live for a long time.